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Lighting the Cotter Bridge would not be possible without our wonderful donors!

When we first began fundraising for our bridge lights, the goal felt a long way off. We approached Peter and Jan Peitz and before we knew it, they willingly stepped into the Legacy Donor role.

Their leadership set the stage for many other generous donors to open their hearts and their checkbooks to make the bridge lighting possible. We are so thankful for our donors who have made the Peitz River Lights a gift to our community!

Our donors are listed by the funding tiers. If you recognize someone's name, please tell them thank you when you cross paths.

We would love to have your name listed here! At the top of any page on this website, you will see an option, "Support Our Bridge." Click on that link and you will navigate to our donation page. You have the option of donating online (through a secure payment option) or finding more information on where to mail in your donation if you prefer that method.