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Bridge Location

The Historic Cotter Bridge

PO Box 489
Cotter, Arkansas 72626

Where to View the Lights

The best location to view the Lights is in Cotter's Big Spring Park. To get a first glimpse of the bridge lights, drive over the bridge on your way to Big Spring Park. From Hwy. 62/412 West, take the first Cotter exit (Hwy. 62 B); from Hwy. 62/412 East, take the second Cotter exit (Hwy. 62 B). Travel a short distance on Hwy. 62 B before crossing the historic Cotter Bridge spanning the White River.

As you exit the east end of the bridge, turn right at the 4-way stop onto Hwy. 345 / Cotter Road. Take the next street on the right (Big Spring Parkway) to enter Big Spring Park. Follow the road, veering right, until you reach the parking lot next to the boat launch. There are ample viewing locations from this parking lot and throughout the adjacent grounds.